Mehmet H. Gker Expertise
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My area of Expertise is the Management of Research, Development and Professional Services, specifically related to: Data Mining, Machine Learning, Applications of Artificial Intelligence, Case-Based Reasoning, Information Retrieval, Knowledge Management, Personalization, Mixed Initiative Applications, User Adaptive Systems, Recommender Systems, Expertise Locators, Social Network Analysis, and Engineering Design Methodology.

I like to develop and deliver intelligent applications. I thrive in environments in which I have to analyze and understand problems and to find solutions. I cannot stand half-baked applications that do not deliver what they promise and are too difficult to use. If it needs a manual it is not implemented the right way. If it cannot be maintained, it is not a real system. I pride myself in delivering industrial strength, State of the Art systems that are a joy to use and exceed the non-technical end user's expectations. And, whenever I find the time and am permitted to do so, I like to publish about these applications in academic circles as well.




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